Rules for The MHS 50/50 Raffle

These Rules apply, until amended or revised, to Raffles conducted by the Mississauga Humane Society


In these rules:

“AGCO” is the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario

“Draw” means the random selection(s) by the Event Manger of the winning number

“MHS” refers to the Mississauga Humane Society

“System” means the AGCO approved electronic raffle system, BUMP, operated by MHS

“Ticket” means the ticket that allows you to participate in the draw

“Game Conditions” means the terms, conditions, explanations, rules, and procedures; including the

prize structure governing the specific draw

“Jackpot” means the funds to be granted; 50% of the total funds raised during each raffle game

“Player” refers to the person purchasing a ticket to participate in the 50/50 draw

“EMT Terminal” means the Event Manager terminal of the MHS, computer-controlled system designed

by BUMP 50:50 for conducting Draws (including, but not limited to the electronic ticket checkers)

“Related Parties” are parties who are directly related to the organization; a full list is in GENERAL

In the event of a conflict between information issued by BUMP 50:50 and contained on the ticket, the

instructions, the Game Conditions for the specific Draw, these Rules of Play, such conflict shall be

resolved in accordance with the following priority:

(a) the AGCO Regulations;

(b) these Rules of Play;

(c) the Game Conditions for the specific Draw, if any;

(d) the ticket.


1 – All draws are launched through through the online system maintained by BUMP


2 – A Player must be physically located in Ontario Canada to purchase tickets for the draw. Following

the portal which is connected to BUMP 50:50 system; players are required to comply

with instructions on the website in order to purchase a ticket.

3- An eligible player may participate by purchasing a Ticket(s) from MHS in the posted denominations.

4 – A player is solely responsible for ensuring they receive the correct ticket denomination and solely

responsible for handling purchased ticket after MHS has presented the ticket

The Draw and Results

1- A draw may be held, online, via FACEBOOK LIVE at such a time and date (referred to as the “draw

time”) as Mississauga Humane Society determines. The number drawn is referred to as the “winning


2- A draw will be conducted at the draw time by two MHS volunteers using the EMT terminal in

accordance with the applicable regulations

3 – The winning number for the Draw will be announced at the Draw Time, as stated in the raffle

posting during a Facebook Live event. Facebook accounts are not required to watch the live event. The

video will then be posted to the MHS facebook page for anyone who missed the draw; the winner will

then be posted onto and, on our instagram at


4- When the Draw for the winning Ticket cannot be held on the date and time fixed, such draw shall be

held when practicable with the approval of the AGCO.

Payment Management

1 – All payments for Raffle Draw will be made through PAYSAFE; a secure online merchant

processing company; Mastercard, Visa, and American Express is accepted.

Prize Structure

1 - Subject to compliance with the Regulations, Rules and Gaming Conditions, the holder of the

Winning ticket will receive the Prize that is 50% of the total money from ticket sales

2 – Odds of winning the Prize are based on the number of Tickets sold during the Event

3 – MHS may, for a Draw or series of Draws, issue Gaming Conditions which modify or supplement

the prize structure of the Draws and shall publish them on it’s website and/or display them onsite at the

Event Site with the approval of the AGCO.

Payment of Prizes

1 - A prize for any draw shall be awarded to the winner in accordance with the prize structure in effect

for such draw and in accordance with these Rules and the specific Draw Game Conditions.

2 – Mississauga Humane Society reserves the right to satisfy itself as to the validity of any ticket that is

presented as a winning ticket, by means of such authentication and validation tests, requirements and

procedures as it may from time to time determine, and to declare that a ticket which does not pass,

meet, or fulfill such tests, requirements or procedures is void. Concurrently with a winning ticket being

presented to the Mississauga Humane Society, whether for the purpose of validation or for the purpose

of claiming a prize, all right, title and interest in and to the ticket is thereby relinquished by the winner

and property in the ticket passes to the Mississauga Humane Society.

3 – All prizes must be claimed within six (6) months of the relevant draw unless otherwise specified by

the Mississauga Humane Society thereafter any unclaimed prizes shall be donated back to a beneficiary

approved by the AGCO.

4 – MHS may refuse to send or forward a prize to an address outside Ontario and will not send or

forward a prize to any jurisdiction where such sending or forwarding is prohibited by law.

5 - Neither a prize (or portion thereof), nor any entitlement or payment relating to it, may be assigned,

transferred, sold, loaned, leased, rented, pledged, mortgaged or hypothecated, by any winner.

6 - The MHS is not responsible for providing financial or tax advice.

7 - For groups purchasing (1) ticket, group winners will select one individual to handle the single cash


8 – Mississauga Humane Society will not award a prize for tickets which are VOID unless MHS, in its

discretion, deems it appropriate to do so. Tickets are void if lost, stoeln, unissued, illegible, mutilated,

damaged, altered, counterfeited or forged, miscut, misregistered, defective, misprinted, cancelled,

produced in error and not recorded in the online system, incomplete, not paid for destroyed, or issued,

acquired or presented in or upon, violation of these rules, or the Game Conditions. Void Tickets are the

property of MHS

9 - Subject to paragraph 8, above, in the event that a ticket, which is purchased or issued, is void or

deemed to be void, MHS may, at its option:

a) Replace the ticket with a new random ticket of the same denomination

b) Provide a refund


1 – The MHS may award a price to the bearer of a winning ticket. MHS reserves the right to satisfy

itself that a person claiming a prize is entitled, and will remain entitled, to such prize as the lawful

bearer of the winning ticket

2 – Upon Presenting a Winning Ticket, the winner must:

3 - Each winner acknowledges that the Mississauga Humane Society may, at any time (and from time

to time), during the prize claim process, require certain personal information from the winner and that

the collection of such information (including, in certain circumstances, the winner's Social Insurance

Number) is necessary to the proper administration. Any personal information is collected is intended to

be used for following principal purposes: to comply with legal and audit requirements, for announcing

winners, awarding prizes, disclosure of insider wins for public scrutiny, and the posting of prize wins

on the Mississauga Humane Society’s website for an extended period of time, and otherwise in

accordance with the Mississauga Humane Society’s prize claim policy and any successors or

replacement thereof, and for Mississauga Humane Society’s internal business purposes. Each winner

further acknowledges that any failure by the winner to provide the MHS with such information may

prevent MHS from paying or awarding all or part of the prize in the manner contemplated by the prize


4 – MHS will not be responsible for determing any individual's entitlement to all or part of a prize won

on a ticket purchased by a group

5 – MHS reserves the right to satisfy itself as the validity of any purported Ticket including without

limitation a purported Winning Ticket by means of authentication tests declare a purported Ticket void

where the presented document does not pass such authentication tests.

6- Prizes will be paid by e-transfer.

7 – Neither MHS nor its volunteers will provide financial or tax advice

8 – As mentioned in section Payments 8; MHS will not award a prize for tickets which are void.

Incident Management and Reporting

1 – Mississauga Humane Society shall report incidents related to the Raffle to AGCO as outlined in the

Notification Matrix and will respond to incidents in the following order:

(a) Technical Issues beyond Event Manager know-how will be directed to BUMP 50:50 at the first

reasonable opportunity; the issue will be escalated from Tier 1 at their discretion

(b) Compliance Issues will be directed to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario according to

the Notification Matrix

2 – Mississauga Humane Society shall escalate any issues to the appropriate party when appropriate

3 - In the event of a Raffle Sales Unit or Electronic Raffle System Failure, or any technical difficulty

arising during an event, MHS will ensure that Raffle sale data can be retrieved by reporting the issue to

BUMP 50:50 Tier 1 as per reporting priorty, and retrieving sales data by System Override

4 - If a Raffle Sales Unit is lost, stolen or destroyed or for any other reason has offline transactions that

have not been committed to the server, the Mississauga Humane Society will maintain the integrity of

the draw by adhering to sections 1 and 3 respectively; OPP will be notified of any theft or suspicious

activity within the framework of the draw

5 - In the event of a power interruption, emergency situation, or other incidents that could impact the

integrity of the raffle, the Mississauga Humane Society Volunteers will notify applicable personnel

noted in section 1, and complete the raffle draw at the first opportunity that is deemed appropriate and


6 - The Mississauga Humane Society will monitor and address any unusual or suspicious activity

related to the Raffle Sales Units and report to the appropriate notification channels noted in section 1

7 - Players wishing to share concerns/complaints for the listed items shall be directed to MHS for

feedback in person, phone or via e-mail:

a) suspicions of theft, fraud, dishonesty or selling to minors;

b) any incident that is related to prize integrity (e.g., the administration of the game, handling of

money); and

c)any incident that is related to prize discrepancy

8 – If a player has an inquiry or wishes to share suggestions or complaints; they shall be directed to

email with subject title “50/50 Raffle”


1 – MHS makes no representations of any kind about the BUMP 50:50 system

2 – Persons who are on the designated Related Parties will not be able to participate in the Raffle

3 – Persons who fall into the Related Parties category are as follows:

a) A Member of the MHS board of Directors

b) Persons under the age of 18

4 – MHS may amend these Rules at any time and in any manner subject to the approval of the AGCO

5 - These Rules of Play shall be governed by, subject to and interpreted in accordance with the laws of

the Province of Ontario and the federal laws of Canada as applicable therein. The Courts of the

Province of Ontario shall have exclusive jurisdiction to entertain any action or other legal proceedings

based on or arising out of these Rules or any lottery game.

6 - The headings in these Rules are for convenience of reference only and do not affect the

interpretation of these Rules.

7 - Unless otherwise specified by the Mississauga Humane Society, these Rules are effective as of July

1, 2020 and supersede the previously existing Ontario Lottery and Gaming Rules and Regulations.

Release of Liability

1 - By purchasing a Ticket a Player agrees to be bound by these Rules, Gaming Additions and


2 - Released Parties are also not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate information, whether

caused by website users, tampering, hacking, or by any equipment or programming associated with or

utilized in the Draw.

3 - Released Parties are not responsible for injury or damage to entrant’s or to any other person’s

computer, smart phone, smart watch, tablet, or similar device, related to or resulting from participating

in the Draw, or downloading materials from or use of the MHS website or website linked to the MHS

website that is required to be accessed during the purchase of a Ticket.

Gambling Helpline If Needed Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline phone number (1-888-230-3505